Analog Logger

My IT Infra Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line passive voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. The Analog Line voice logger is capable of logging call details including the Caller Id, Ring Duration, Call Duration, Call Start Time & End Time, Call Type (Incoming/Outgoing), Call Status (Failed/Missed/Connected), Recording Format and the actual recorded audio of the telephone conversation. The logger is capable of monitoring and recording trunk-side and extension-side analog lines.

Devices come in 1/2/4/8/12/16 port configurations.

The software will present a unified browser interface for accessing all connected devices. Unique features present in the product include recording of Analog line, client popup software that enables call information to pop up on any agent PC, integration capability with any CRM software, integration of call records with PBX and a browser-based user interface that enables remote access from any PC on the network.


  • Recording of all channels per on Analog Line.
  • Accessible of Logger over a LAN.
  • Call Detail Report for all channels
  • Caller and Calling Number identification
  • Start time, Stop time and duration of every call
  • Searching of records by date, time, duration, phone number etc
  • Storage of calls in wav,gsm format
  • Storage as per hard disk capacity of computer
  • Extension Number Recording.
  • Advanced Search with Extensive Options
  • Real-time Call Monitoring
  • Scalable to Log Higher Densities