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Vicidial / GoAutoDial

Vicidial is a complete inbound and outbound call center based opensource application. Vicidial is a suite of programs that are designed to interact with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system at a client computer level to extend the functionality of your phone and system.

Vicidial software is designed to work with an Asterisk system that has Zap(T1/E1/PSTN),IAX or SIP trunks and SIP/IAX/Zap phones. VICIDIAL can dial predictively, at a ratio or one-call-at-a-time. VICIDIAL also can function as an ACD for inbound calls, as well as blending inbound and outbound calling, or for Closer calls coming from VICIDIAL fronters and even allows for remote agents that may only have a phone.

astGUIClient a GUI Client application was created to allow for the more advanced features of Asterisk to be used by anyone using even a single-line SIP phone.

We Provides consulting services for configuration of Call Center Voice Processing System for Inbound/Outbound Calls using Asterisk PBX and Vicidial Predictive Dialer System.

We have set up multiple VICIDIAL call centers all around the Globe with huge number of seats. We have indepth core knowledge of VICIDIAL code and we do modification as per requirements.

We have integrated vicidial with below mention other open source.


i. Vicidial & FreePBX Integration
ii. Vicidial & VTiger Integration