Web Conference

My IT Infra Mass Meet is a web conferencing solution allows participants in a meeting to see and hear each other, making for an interactive conference. It is also used for educational training, surveillance, emergency response and security. Use the internet to its fullest potential, work across the world, in a blink of an eye with our state of the art Web conferencing solutions.

Now a day’s enabling individuals or groups to meet, communicate and collaborate with each other seamlessly and instantly, is becoming a primary requirement for efficient organizational communication. My IT Infra’s Mass Meet allows people in groups to collaborate virtually and share information, it also provides facilities to record and capture formal or ad hoc collaborative interactions for later Tracking and reuse.

The practical reasons for an organization to apply My IT Infra Mass meet are:

Decision timeliness-An important contributing factor is the timeliness of making decisions, enabling users to gather information from others and making swift decisions based on these findings. This is especially important in the case of managers’ abilities to coordinate distributed business activities.

Enhance productivity -Mass Meet allows individuals to collaborate quickly, so quality decisions can be reached faster than through traditional means. All participants can view the same information, Interactively discuss the business topic and come to collaborative conclusions.

Time and money -The direct and indirect costs associated with travel for face-to-face meetings can be Substantial.

Broadening reach-Mass Meet can include participants who are geographically distributed. These may be key Aides resembling: specialists with expert knowledge, respected advisors who could bring different perspectives to the virtual table or someone “on the scene” of developments under discussion.

Responsiveness-Virtual meetings can be assembled far more quickly than physical meetings. Fast action can be essential in times of crises or market competition.

Addictiveness –

  •  New people can be added quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, when the need for their             participation is recognized.
  • When evaluating the criteria points mentioned above, it can be concluded that My IT Infra Mass Meet will more likely to be applied by organizations that:
  • Operate and compete on a global market, by means of working with geographically distributed groups Whereby certain individuals or groups of people have to travel (inter)nationally, on a Regular basis.
  • Making use of a combination of communication tools, being able to make quick decisions and transfer information.
  • To do this every target user has agreed upon using this communication technology and is able to do so.

#Mode of Mass Meet Conferencing: